These two characters are the co-founders of the Beachwood Boys Club. Jaxon and Skyer.   Duly appointed Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the board. I’ve also managed to sneak onto the board and we invite you to be members as well. To share your stories, experiences and wisdom. Laughter and joy, tears and frustrations. Moments of zen like enlightenment and bewildering bafflement.

The Beachwood Boys Club is the story of how the joy of innocence overcame the cynicism of ego.  Specifically, mine. How one four year – old along with his two year old brother – can educate, inspire and challenge a forty two year old man to reevaluate both his entrenched values as well as the world around him. Not in any self-conscious or deliberate “journey of self discovery” type of way. But rather in a quietly, unconscious and almost imperceptibly. Discovered through the activity of the everyday reality of being a parent. Simply of being. But all the more powerfully and profoundly as a result.