It may seem a little extravagant to tack on a trip to Paris after all that gadding about in Mallorca, but to be honest, Los Angeles is so far away from Europe that, well, once you’ve put in the 12 hour flight – and the transfers each end and the security checks, etcetera, etcetera, you sort of feel as though you owe it yourself to make the most of it.  If that sounds overly indulgent – I guess that it is – but I’ve also done it the other way and rued what felt like a missed opportunity.  So anyway – Rachel needed to be in Paris for work and we at the Beachwood Boys Club thought that we would tag along for a few days and see what the bright lights had to offer.

Beachwood Boys Eiffel TowerLa Maison Champs Elysees

I had forgotten how beguiling Paris’ sweeping boulevards, iconic architecture and lattice of bridges that form like capillaries across the heart of the city really are.  A cliche of course, and lost on the boys, but no less true for any of that.  Although we did find a rather cool kids climbing wall and play structure while walking along the south bank of the Seine on Saturday night, so maybe they’ll remember their walk along the banks of one of the world’s most famous rivers for that reason, if nothing else.

We also found this fabulous park right in the heart of Paris, which allowed Rachel to focus on her work and for me to sample day-to-day Parenting Euro style.  Happy to report that it’s pretty similar to US style.  Although I fear the crowd at the Jardin du Luxembourg had never quite witnessed the rough and tumble of Skyer before.  He was in rare, fearless, form, thoroughly throwing himself into the mix.

Parc de Jeux, Jardin du Luxembourg

Parc de Jeux in the Jardin du Luxembourg – or Luxembourg Gardens to you or I – is a fabulous tree lined, shaded, beautifully maintained kids playground – located on the Left bank.  It boasts a slew of climbing structures for all ages as well as a substantial sized sand box.  There is a nominal 2 euro entrance fee.  But it’s good for the entire day and very much worth it.  After traveling all the previous day, the boys were eager to stretch their legs and have some fun.

Parc de Jeux, Jardin du LuxembourgParc de Jeux, Jardin du LuxembourgParc de Jeux, Jardin du LuxembourgParc de Jeux, Jardin du LuxembourgParc de Jeux, Jardin du LuxembourgParc de Jeux, Jardin du LuxembourgParc de Jeux, Jardin du Luxembourg

No park in Paris is complete without characterful old men playing pétanque.  Jardin Du Luxembourg is a sprawling maze of manicured gardens, imposing statues and lush lawns.

Jardin Du Luxembourg

And now, as far as I am concerned, some cute young ones messing about as well.

Jardin du LuxembourgJardin du Luxembourg

Ah yes! Parisian parks.  Not too many parks in the United States can boast one of these.  17th Century Manicured flower beds, grandiose gravel walkways and a Palace, fit for a Medici.

Jardin du Luxembourg