God, I miss the seasons. It’s the end of summer and yet it’s still hot as hell and humid too. Thanks a lot SoCal. So much for dry desert heat. So not that you’d know it, but summer is over, and school has begun.

The early stages of childhood seem to be replete with milestones. I wonder if this is more for the parents’ benefit the child’s. To help us get a handle on the chaos and uncertainty that is busy unfolding – or perhaps more accurately sometimes – unraveling, before them on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Secondly, can you really use the word “milestones” when they are only two years old?  “Yard-pebbles” perhaps? Anyway, learning to crawl, first words, first time you get thrown up on…whatever momentous moments you choose for your timeline criteria charting – regardless – the first day at school has to be a legitimate marker whatever your criteria.  And that’s because it’s memorable for the child as well as the parent.

And so it was quite a moment for us all, when two year old Skyer – having followed his brother across the courtyard and through the corridors of school for the past two years, only to retrace his steps moment later – finally got to stay in his own classroom. With his own cubby. His own name tag. And his own teachers.

Such a moment necessitated (back) to school haircuts of course. Initially just for Skyer. But once Jaxon saw the reaction that Skyer’s new “do” got, he wanted to make sure he was in on the make-over action. So he got some sharper edges put on the sides and back for his first day back as well.

Nothing like a fresh trim to put a spring in your step.  And an extra bounce in your karate chop.

Back to School HaircutsBack to School Haircuts