So no school, no one to help me supervise the boys, and a lot of work to do in preparation for tomorrow’s taping.  What to do?

Brainwave:  why not let today, be an extension of the weekend, when the boys had played in the front yard with scooters and bikes?  Genius.

Admittedly that had been under supervision of more than one adult, and, needless to say adults who had not been distracted by the prospect of an impending work deadline – but – I mean come on, how different could it be?  Plus, anyway it was a weekday.  The boys would surely tune into the fact that I was on my own, trying to multi-task, and so adjust their behavior accordingly?  Be a little less reckless with their downhill runs.  Take care of each other.  That’s it – I was giving them a valuable lesson in self reliance.  Oh, this was going to be great.

I hatched this brilliant plot in a matter of minutes.  It was perfect.  Perching myself just outside the front of our house, I could continue to be plugged into the WiFi and the boys could entertain themselves.  It was a beautiful complicity.  What could possibly go wrong?

As luck would have it, nothing catastrophic.  Although it turns out that the slope outside our house was a little steeper than I thought and so the sight of Jaxon hurtling toward me at an alarming speed was a little more distracting than I had anticipated.  Also, it turns out, that without an adult’s active input – well, the boys got bored pretty quickly.  Shocking.  What happened to that theory of – “having more kids is a great idea, ‘cos they’ll just end up looking after each other”?  At what point does that actually happen I wonder?

Now scrambling, I had to find a plan B.  Yes I know what you are thinking – TV.  Well, full disclosure, that is frequently my Plan B (sometimes my Plan A) – but on this occasion Plan B was our local, go-to, park.  Just down the street (certainly by LA standards) lying within the perimeter of Griffith Park is Bronson Playground.  A shaded haven that we frequently visit because even under the unremitting glare of Los Angeles’ brutal sun, it remains shaded and cool for almost the entire day.

Kids and a car

Turns out I wasn’t the only parent in a similar predicament.  Bronson Park was teaming with kids at home from school.  Who knew?  Now I wouldn’t go so far as to call our visit to Bronson a form of child internment – I was after all in there with them – but on certain days there is something to be said for the enclosed sanctity of a designated kids space.  I did even finally manage, guiltily I may add, to sneak in a little work.

Kids in Park