This has to be the best way to see the island.  What a fabulous experience –  diving off the back of a 50 foot yacht, into the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean.  Having got used to the Pacific Ocean, the warmth of the water, as well as its clarity, almost defies belief.  The boys loved jumping off the back and splashing about.  Of course Skyer was the first to venture in.  Fearless as always.  Once he was in, Jaxon was soon behind him and then Luca – not wanting to let the British side down – braved the plunge.  We managed to coax both Jaxon and Skyer out of their life jackets for a time, so both can truly say that they have swam in the clear blue waters of the Med.

All aboard!All aboard Mezzo Magic

Leaving the port of Soller we skirted round the edge of the island, catching a glimpse of a school of dolphins as we headed out to sea.  We hugged Mallorca’s craggy coastline, and marveled at the raw simplicity of the view.  Once we were clear of the harbor gates, Grant, our captain for the day, let us all took turns at the wheel to steer.  There was not quite enough wind to unfurl the sails but we made good progress in spite of Jaxon and Skyer’s somewhat erratic maneuvers – Francessa, our craft was surprisingly easy to steer – and the boys even managed to get us going round in complete circles at one point.

SollerSoller PortSteering YachtSteering YachtSteering Yacht

We headed for a distinctive outcrop of rock in the distance.  Only when we approached did we realize that we were headed there for lunch.  To the Sa Foradada restaurant.  Fabled haunt of the rich and famous of Deia.  Perched precariously into the rock face, the restaurant is accessible only by boat and – intriguingly for somewhere so inaccessible and fairly niche, boat driven, clientele – operates on a strict reservation policy only.  Presumably to keep the odd passing cruise ship and their marauding hoards at bay.  The restaurant itself looks out over the most spectacular cove.  The shore line’s cobalt colored waters gently lapping at the rudimentary jetty for the yacht’s dinghies to moor.  As you scramble ashore a flight of some one hundred or so steps greets you, carved into the rock face, leading up to Sa Foradada.

Approaching Sa ForadaSa ForadaSa Foradada

How many times do you get to swim ashore to eat a meal at a restaurant that looks like its out of a Bond movie? We jumped off the back of boat, not before spotting a two foot large barracuda that inhabits the bay lurking about, and swam ashore.

The restaurant itself was delightful.  All the cooking carried out on a open hearth barbecue.  Rustic, yet elegant and sophisticated.  With unsurpassed views and a unique charm.  A truly memorable experience.

Sa ForadaSa ForadaSa ForadaSa ForadaBoys at Sa ForadaSa Forada

After lunch and some more swimming and snorkeling in the cove we ventured out in the small rubber dinghy that was attached to Francessa and – venturing a little closer to the coast line – went in search of smugglers caves.  We found a couple.  Some of which had reportedly been in use during the time of Franco and perhaps even more recently than that.  The boys imaginations were fired and they talked of pirates, and hidden treasure and maps the rest of the trip.

Snorkeling Sa ForadaFish at Sa Forada

The guys at Mezzo Magic, with whom we chartered the yacht, really looked after us.  It was, without doubt, our best day of the vacation.  A great way to end our family trip.  Should you ever be in Mallorca do not hesitate to book with them.  The yacht is magnificent and the guys knowledgeable, friendly and great with kids.