As both Rachel and I were feeling a little under weather, we elected to take the boys see the new movie Minions on its opening weekend. A bit of a cop out, but at least I could not be accused of dragging my kids to a movie that secretly I wanted to see but couldn’t in good conscience attend on my own. Don’t get me wrong I like cartoons – oops showing my age again – sorry I like animated movies – if done well: Cars 2, Toy Story 1,2 and 3 and The Lego Movie in particular – but the Minions, as cute as they are, leave me feeling a little disconnected and cold. So it was somewhat of a struggle to commit to the Dome theater on Sunset, the outside of which had been entirely decorated in minion yellow – for two hours at the weekend. By Hollywood standards this is an historic theater – having been built in 1963. If they think that is vintage, no wonder I am starting to feel a little old! I mean, I do have a few years on the good old Dome Theater – but still.

In truth, I think my two year old, Skyer, got more out of the movie than the rest of us. Maybe it was that he connected with the Minions incessant babble that everyone else finds “adorable” better than us, or the fact that the film being set in London (sorry spoiler alert) made him feel oddly at ease, or maybe it was the fact that by the time we got to the very loud chase at the end – one which made Jaxon so anxious that he curled up on to my lap like a spindly cat – he was more interested in trying to snag popcorn from the people sitting in front of us. Whatever it was, Skyer’s Minions experience was the best.

Interestingly, the pre-screening entertainment and activities of: Minion coloring and activity sheets, Minion tattoos, and posing in front of life sized Minion statues for photos were, in my opinion, the best part of the entire visit. In fact, when the time came to get into the theater, Jaxon was only part the way through coloring in his Minion character sheet and was none too thrilled at the prospect of having his endeavors interrupted in order to go and see the actual movie.   We had to promise him faithfully that we would come back after the movie and allow him to finish just to be able to get him to leave and watch the film.



IMG_0518 (2)

There is something unique about the hearing and seeing your child react to something that some one – other than you or they – have said or done that they think is funny. For the most part, my boys’ humor is derived from themselves, or from me or Rachel; so there is a moment of true wonderment as a parent when you watch your child legitimately react and laugh at something that is not of their own creation, and that they think is funny. So for all its faults (and there were many) the Minions gave me a couple those very particular and unique moments.