It would be hard to imagine a more fiercely hot day on which to choose to introduce the boys to organized professional sport.  LA Dodgers stadium on Sunday was a cauldron.  And not from the intensity of the competition between the Dodgers and the Pirates.

What can I say?  An oversight on our part.  The idea that somehow the 100 degree weather would be more bearable inside an immense four sided concrete structure, surrounded by thousands of other bodies all fiercely perspiring, had escaped us until we actually arrived.

Rarely, have so many, sweated so much, in pursuit of so little.

Ice cream, slushies, multiple bottles of iced water – you name it we chugged it, slurped it and quaffed it.  We held containers to our foreheads, tipped ice cubes down our backs and fanned ourselves with oversized foam fingers.  All in search of a momentary respite from the unrelenting heat.  And, even festooned in our brand new hats as we were – that we eagerly purchased on the way to our seats – we knew it was going to be a tall order.

In fairness to us, we did manage to make the best of it.  Although also in fairness I would suspect that a night game – or – let me think about this for a moment – a game played on any other day of the year, other than one that we chose, would have more bearable and enjoyable.  We stayed to the fifth innings.  Skulking in the shadows of the lower tier while taking in the game.

If the role of the parent is all about creating unforgettable memories for your children…well maybe not, but I don’t think it will be our last visit to the stadium.  Both boys seemed sold on the experience and the spectacle that unfolded before them.  The in-crowd entertainment, the hubbub of the fans, and the mere collective energy and focus that goes with watching sport definitely resonated.

I’m just not not sure who they felt had best earned their cooling-off shower at the end of game. The players.  Or us.

LA Dodgers StadiumLA Dodgers

It did not take long for Skyer to start to feel the heat.  We spent as much time going up and down the stadium steps in search of shade as we did sitting in our seats.  Think of it like a series of short bursts on the most crowded Stairmaster you have ever seen.  That also happens to be located in a sauna.  Filled with people at different points of the work-out – going up and down – feverishly juggling, drinks, snacks, all eager to get to their seats and carry on sweating some more.

LA DodgersLA DodgersLA Dodgers

Skyer got especially into the game.

LA DodgersLA DodgersLA Dodgers StadiumLA Dodgers MVP

Beachwood Boys Club – MVP on the day.

LA DodgersLA Dodgers