Hard to believe, but it’s cold here in LA today.  The woolly hats entirely necessary.  No faux hipster styling here.  No beanie and scarf, while simultaneously wearing a T-shirt shenanigans.  It was genuinely cold.

Trying to get Skyer into a jacket was a challenge.  The hat even more so.  As he currently tends to do, he takes his steer from Jaxon, who, thankfully in this instance, is pretty tuned in to his personal comfort level.  As soon as Jaxon got a hint that it was fresh outside.  He bundled up.

Chilly Kids LA

Beachwood Boys Bundled up

Kids in Batman Hat

I have to say that personally, I’m sort of into this seasonal weather.  For one thing it gives me an opportunity to dig out some of my long neglected sweaters and jackets myself.  For another, there is more than something to be said for experiencing the “rhythm of the seasons”.  Maybe I am just still too cynical but I frequently find the irrepressible heat and sunshine taxing.  Like the bubbly travel companion who won’t stop talking, is always peppy and puts a positive spin on everything, LA weather tends to grind me down sometimes.  Jeez – I really am channeling the cynical today. And all it took was a hint of British weather to do it.  Guess we are all products of our environment.  Still, needn’t worry I’m told that it’l  be back up to 80 degrees by mid-week.  Crisis averted.

Jaxon really got into character with the whole biker jacket and NY hat attitude.

Cool kids fashion

Skyer needs little, or no, excuse to strike up a pose.  I’m not quite sure what this is.  Part yoga, part karate, part…who knows what…

Great leg stance though Sky.

Cool Kids Fashion

Off to school we go boys – “enjoy” this cold snap while it lasts.

Cool Kids Fashion