We landed home from Paris with a bump.  What better place to go and check out when you have been jetting around Europe, than the Science Center and the Space Shuttle Endeavour?

No doubt about it, the Science Center is a great place.  The boys tend to like the tactile, interactive exhibits best.  Relatable, but also tangible.  The wind tunnel simulator was a particular favorite.  They like to push buttons, turn knobs and respond to flashing lights.  Most of what is on offer is aimed at an older age group but we just took it all in.  Allowing the space and the exhibits to wash over us and discover what we would.

After an hour of gallivanting around the museum, we lined up for the IMAX theater Hubble 3D show.  It’s a few extra bucks on top of the entrance fee for Endeavor and well worth it.  Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio the film tells the story of the troubled Hubble telescope from launch to orbital repair while showing some pretty incredible images that Hubble captured of distant galaxies billions of light years away from earth.  The 45 minute movie was about ten minutes too long for Jaxon – who by then had tired of reaching out to touch the images as they came toward him – and ten minutes too short for Skyer who slept through the entire thing.  I was just glad to be in an air conditioned room.

Finally we got to see the Space Shuttle itself.  I confess, that I suspect I enjoyed it more than they did, but how many times in your life can you jump around with your brother under the belly of a machine that has been to outer space?

Space Shuttle EndeavourSpace Shuttle EndeavourNow let’s see how many of you can relate to this?  How many times do you set up a photo, get an obliging stranger to agree to take the shot (no selfies here) get everything framed perfectly… and then one of your subjects decides to look away at the critical moment?

Space Shuttle Endeavour

So you negotiate with your photographer stranger friend to snap a retake.  And one of the other subjects decides to look away from the camera!

Space Shuttle Endeavour

With all that being said, the Endeavour is pretty impressive.  I think they enjoyed the experience almost as much as I did.

Space Shuttle EndeavourSpace Shuttle EndeavourSpace Shuttle Endeavour