It’s important to me to stay in shape and maintain my fitness levels while I’m away.  I do Crossfit. A great combination of variety, functionality, intensity and community.  So when I’m on the road I tend to fashion workouts around the Crossfit philosophy and approach to fitness.  If for nothing else the workouts ensure maximum benefit and results in minimal time and mean that I can avoid any serious negotiation with Rachel about having to slip off to the gym during the middle of a family vacation.

I can’t always guarantee that I’ll have easy access to a gym but I’m certainly not going to drag a bunch of excess gear with me.  Traveling with kids means that you have to travel light and I never go anywhere without my three trusty essentials:

Crossfit Nanos: perfectly versatile shoe – stable enough for weightlifting yet flexible and robust enough for any kind of workout. Also great for hiking and running over shorter distances.

RX Jump Rope: hands down the best jump rope I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried a few.  Ball bearings in the handles for ultra smooth turnover, rope lengths are customized according to your height as well as the weight of the jump cable itself.  For beginners a heavier cable is preferred as it helps considerably with timing.  As you improve so you can use a lighter weight cable. Less taxing – and of course faster turnover. I had struggled with double unders for months.  Once I got my RX jump rope I was stringing together 30 unbroken very quickly.

Lacrosse Ball: This little ball changed my life.  The ultimate massage companion helps ease out all the knots and tension.  Simple but wonderfully effective. My boys LOVE this ball and I have to fight with them constantly to keep hold of it!