Entering Vernaison antiques Market makes you feels like Alice must have done when she fell through the looking glass – as though you have stumbled into a secret world.  Known only to the cognoscenti and that somehow, through an oversight, you too have been permitted to enter. It’s narrow, cramped passageways and tiny stalls crammed with antique furniture, vintage fashion and art, draw you in with intense immediacy.  Such that you emerge the other side of Vernaison’s walled, half-mile squared, enclave, blinking into the sunshine, like a rabbit emerging from its warren.  Located in Paris’ Saint-Ouen, Vernaison Market is immersive and visceral – packed with treasures and curiosities.

Vernaison Market ParisVernaison MarketVernaison Market Paris

We got there early avoid the crowds and the crush.  And yes, I had to cheat to keep the boys from losing it.  The thought of them running rampant from boredom through the narrow passages of Vernaison was too traumatic to envisage.  No desire to get into an argument with a Parisian antiques dealer in the middle of one of the oldest flea markets of its kind in the world.

Vernaison Market, ParisVernaison Market

As a non-fashion creative, I found the moments when you can see from where designers (such as Rachel) draw their inspiration fascinating.  Interesting, this one stall had a lot of vintage Americana – straight out of the #RRL palette.  Not what we were there for, but fascinating to me as it’s one of my favorite brands.

Vernaison MarketVernaison Market

And having weakness for vintage Rolex and other cool watches it I always love discovering this type of display. also  we did find a couple of cool places for dads to burrow around.

Vernaison Market

I just loved the whole experience, and although it’s impractical really to buy anything of real size (we tried it once and it literally took months to arrive and cost far more than it should) it’s great to wander around and fantasize about how you would furnish your Parisian pied-à-terre, or countryside manor house in Provence.

Vernaison MarketVernaison MarketVernaison Market Paris